Stop Jenny McCarthy’s LIES, her son Never had Autism

So someone today just told me that Jenny McCarthy’s son doesn’t have Autism, he was misdiagnosed and not CURE. There is no cure for Autism not matter what anyone says. So I thought I would look this up because he being misdiagnosed seems more plausible than him being cured. (Yes I have always thought she was full of BS to begin with).

I found an article online that states Jenny has admitted for the past year that her son does not and did not have Autism (Lollardfish, 2013). This is very interesting to me and I hope the news spreads like wildfire. The part that scares me the most is her “claims of cures like McCarthy’s have led parents to feed their children bleach, buy expensive (though harmless) specialized diets, and spend tens of thousands of dollars on experimental treatments” (Lollardfish, 2013, Para 4). I looked further and found that CNN stated the Evan’s dr and neurologist said the he was misdiagnosed from the beginning (2008). This is wrong she knew years ago and still is saying he was cured, BS.

To help you understand what I think happened I did some more research on the stability for an Autism dx at a young age. Her son was dx right before the age of 3, unless to is lying about the whole thing to get in the public eye. According to Kleinman et al. (2008), overall 80% of children will stay on the spectrum. It move happens on its own and is not a cure by any means, it is a misdiagnosis. The research showed that many of the misdiagnoses were in the PDD-NOS dx, where they were re-tested in 2 years and did not met all the criteria for ASD.

I wish I knew more about her situation but all’s I can find is her Autism cure and the all BS she has been spreading and charging money for. The other thing that scares me is what she is doing to her child such as her cure and her parenting style.

As an Autism parent of 2, I think she needs to be stopped and shown as the fake she is, not just that is has a big month and is outrageous, she is a LIAR!!! Plain and simpy.

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12 thoughts on “Stop Jenny McCarthy’s LIES, her son Never had Autism

    • I too hate that people look up to celebs and believe what they say. I hope that we can at least stop her from giving parents the wrong information, which is killing children and not saving them. thanks for the links.

  1. As I say, if her son has been cured of Autism, then there was none to begin with. There is NO cure, only modification.

  2. My son was diagnosed with something called Landau-Kleffner Syndrome. It looks a lot like Autism and I feel that a lot of children are misdiagnosed with Autism instead of LKS. There are some writings that say her son did have LKS, which would make more sense although her son doesn’t even fit the LKS diagnosis.

  3. My name is Robin, I have a 17 year old Autistic son, he is amazing. I never, ever, believed that my son could be “cured” and I always did know that Jenny McCarthy was full of shit. Shame on her.

  4. It’s true, Jenny McCarthy’s son never had autism. Has anyone really looked into her son’s diagnosis? Her son has Landau Kleffner Syndrome. He lost speech, and retreated into his own world, She mistakenly thought this was autism, as did the ignorant people infatuated with her “celebrity” status. They didn’t dig deeper. The reality is her son lost speech due to seizures and when she got him the “right” medications for seizures, he regained speech and “recoverd”. This is NOT true autism. McCarthy used the autism diagnosis to further her career which is one of the most diabolical things ever seen. Just disgraceful. Any mum with a truly autistic child would not have hit every magazine and talk show and wrote a ton of books in a few years, if her son was truly autistic. Autism doesn’t work like that. She saw an opportunity to exploit a diagnosis that is “hot topic” in media and being the “media smart gal she is” she ran with it. Why doesn’t she talk about her son’s autism now? Because he never had autism.

    • Good point, I havent heard much about him in years since he was proven to not have Autism. I did read that many people were questioning the dr that she said made the dx and he had said that not what he had told her or would not talk about it.

  5. It’s a good thing we can rely on SCIENCE to diagnosis autism, rather than a bunch of doctors and parents who want their children diagnosed with autism so they can get government services. Has anyone asked WHY in the past 10 years that the MAJORITY of so called autistic children and adults are labeled autistic, but don’t really have autism? The families of these so called autistics who recovered only persuaded stupid doctors and psychologists who don’t know what real autism is to give this diagnosis? TRUE autism is not cured. It isn’t cured by a gluten free diet. It isn’t cured by diet. It isnt’ cured by some idiotic non scientific opinion, the TRUTH is that there are too many children diagnosed with autism who have never really had autism so let’s just admit this so we can help those with autism who really have autism, okay? ENOUGH ALREADY> Look at Jenny Mccarthy, really? She wrote a buncha books about her allegedly autistic son, then within a few years, she’s NEVER TALKED ABOUT his autism again…because he was never autistic to begin with! Look, if your child is really autistic, you don’t just forget this. You don’t suddenly just go on with your life, get married, talk about how everything is so great in your life, after having written books with a ghost writer about your allegedly autistic son. Jenny McCarthy USED the autism community in a weird way. For that she is a disgraceful person.

    • You are right I once read that up to 30% of kids dx with Autism at an early age are missed dx. In my opinion it makes it look like they were cured or grew out of it, not that they never had ASD to begin with. I am with you on the Jenny McCarthy thing she is a stupid person that has people the wrong idea about ASD and how to cure it (which you cant).

  6. It is very ODD that someone with an allegedly autistic son would write a bunch of books about his alleged autism then suddenly stop talking about his autism, or showing anyone his “autism” and then go on to be a talk show host that wears glasses to make herself look “educated” in the absence of her having any educational degree to talk about autism. The sad reality is Jenny McCarthy’s son does not appear to have ever had real “autism” and as such, this is the reason she doesn’t talk about his autism anymore….she simply jumped on autism topic at the time because it was a stepping stone to more publicity and opportunities, just as any sociopath would do. So very creepy, strange and just pathetic. Her son never had autism, but the book publishers don’t want to lose money on their phony autism mum, so they just turn a blind eye. Wow. So scary and disgusting.

  7. The weirdest thing about Jenny McCarthy claiming her son is autistic is how after he was supposedly diagnosed with “autism” she had already been in the process of writing books and going on talk any mum of an autistic child, that is a real autistic child, knows you don’t have time to go on talk shows and write 4-5 books!! This woman does not appear to tell the truth about her son. He had seizures. That doesn’t make him autistic. And any doctor that would call her son autistic needs a psychological exam. Seriously, educate yourselves, McCarthy’s kid is NOT AUTISTIC, yet she jumped on this bandwagon and waged war against vaccinations, just another opportunist.

    • From what I read no doctor dx him with Autism, she did. He did have issues like the seizures and delays but she saw a money making opportunity and took it. Its all very sad for those of us with Autistic children, she is spreading false hope (like saying he was cured) and information to people who don’t care to find the truth. I am glad to see that word is getting out there that she is a fake.

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